Book Evaluation

Book lovers rely on the opinion of experts to determine what new releases to consider reading or purchasing. Getting a favourable evaluation gives your book that sought-after stamp of approval every author wants. Dream Books are serious about what we do. We will be straight honest in our critique, for the good and the bad. There will be no soft critique to please every authors, however, constructive.

Having this into account, ask yourself:

  • Do you really want an honest critique?

  • Are you serious about improving your writing?

  • Are you able to take a negative opinion and use it as a way to improve your story?

If this is the case then Dream Books will help authors to improve their writing skills in providing an honest opinion to improve the story.
We will take notes along the manuscript on the things that we find more important and in the end give a general feedback, as well as advice on how to improve things. We focus on writing style, plot holes, inconsistencies, story flow, characters, pace, etc... We also point out typos, although is not my major focus nor in editing level.

Note: Maximum 20.000 words - Honest critique of the story - Help and tips to solve problems found.

If ever the Book has the potential for a Hollywood Book to Screen Promotions we will let you know and somebody from the marketing team will be assigned to give you our thoughts and actions to represent your book for the quarterly submission.