Book Video

Book Video Trailer - It is no mystery that having a book video trailer is one way to reach your audiences in such a way that you have the edge among others. A 60-90 seconds of a short clip that contains the general concept of your craft. Voice over by a professional actor/actress can be an option.

Let me site some advantages as to why having a book trailer is a must;

  • The explosiveness and the growth plus the popularity of video, allows an author to be recognize by a huge amount of audiences and of existing and potential new readers.

  • Book Video can be a strong tool for marketing efforts, because it is a “shareable” format that can surely make noise about your book and you as an author.

  • Book Video can create meaningful connections between authors and their readers by increasing interests thru the video. Thus, it is a factor which is critical to book sales.

  • Book Video is one way to entice audiences to remember your name. They surely would remember the storyline and not just you as an author and would definitely be excited for a new story.

  • Book Video is cost-effective. Once created, it recommence to persistently deliver your ideas with no further investment costs.