Hollywood Book to Screen Promotion’s system:
(pre-qualification needed)

  • Book Video Trailer

  • Press Release

  • Book Fair

  • Treatment Process

  • Screenplay

  • Writers Guild of America or WGA

  • Direct Distribution (guaranteed response and feedback within 2-3 weeks

  • Hollywood Data Base Registration

This system is something that we consider as swinging for the fences. Though not all authors and their story lines will be eligible for such method, we offer a free evaluation of your book to determine if your story qualifies for the said promotion. Enumerated above are the services that is included in the said system, should your book qualifies for the book to screen promotion. We help authors connect with not just Major Publishing houses for your book to be Traditionally Published but the goal that we share and that is for your book to be adapted into big screens. We will be representing your screenplay and pitch it to the right market and making your screenplay visible to every arena and avenue. With such method, decision makers would have the access to your materials and a possibility of having your storyline converted into a movie.