Professional Reviewer

A documented, comprehensive, systematic examination of the design to evaluate the adequacy of the design requirements, to evaluate the capability of the design to meet these requirements, and to identify good points in the book creation.

A Book Review is required for any design review. An independent reviewer is an individual who does not have direct professional responsibility for the design stage under review, assuring an independent and objective review. Within the context of formal design reviews, the practical solution is simply to ensure a fresh perspective, based on the principle that those who are too close to the design may overlook design errors. Thus, reviewers should not have been significantly involved in the activities under reviewed.

What you will get:

  • Posting of review on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, with a high star rating.

  • Getting insights from readers and having comments on your storyline.

  • Having the said review would give you the advantage to target your readers and buyers accordingly marketing wise.

  • Gives you the boost as an author and would possibly hand you things you still haven't applied. Pros and cons should be ideally present.